5 New Year’s Resolutions Every Liberal Should Embrace To Fight Trump

I’ve never been much on making New Year’s resolutions, however, I’ll make a huge exception for this because, let’s face it, we are kind of screwed. If we don’t try to change some things, we will be even more screwed. So, while many people will concentrate on weight loss or things like smoking cessation, here is a list of resolutions every liberal can embrace in 2017 to fight Trump and the GOP.

1. I will write my senators and representatives in 2017.

It’s easier than ever to find and contact your senators and representatives. Make a point to write them often to voice your opposition to the antics and policy that will be pushed by the Trump Administration.

2. I will join an activist or advocacy group for a liberal cause.

While it would be nice if our voices alone, mattered, the fact remains there are groups that have far more influence than “We The People” on our own. Find activists and advocacy groups that champion the causes you care about and support them. Volunteer for them. Give them money. They will continue to work hard for you. Groups like the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice America, or any number of other organizations.

3. I will voice my opinions. Social media is a powerful tool and I plan to use it.

This is kind of a big one, really. The election is over. Trump will be sworn in and many people who aren’t really into politics will go back to just posting pictures of their kids and food on social media. Don’t be that person. Perhaps that “return to normalcy” is wanted because election years are so awful. Perhaps people do it because they are fearful they will offend their friends and family, but are given a pass during election years. Whatever it may be, don’t go silent. Now, more than ever, your voice and influence are needed. Speak out, often.

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4. I will seek out a volunteer position to better my community.

There are going to be even more people hurting due to the election of Donald Trump. As we continue to fight against the madman who will have keys to the Oval Office, we need to remember those who will be hurt most by the small fingered crusader. Seek out organizations in your local community who help the poor, the mentally ill, the environment or any other underdog who will be trampled upon by Trump and his ilk. They are going to need you now more than ever before.

5. I will attend a local government meeting.

Get involved locally! Often times people will be active in voting in a presidential election but aren’t involved in their local politics. Attend at least one local government meeting in 2017 and make your voice heard. Then, go again. And, again.

While this list won’t save the world, imagine what could happen if we all agree on being active citizens within our political process. The next four years are going to require a lot of work from all of us and these are just a few ways we can start.

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