5 Trump Trolls That Will Have Lord Cheeto Frothing At The Mouth Today

Trump started his morning off in typical Trumpian style – tweeting from the shitter (we assume). He is immediately in a bad mood these days because the White House’s toilets are inferior to the golden thrones he is used to.

Aww, SAD!

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It doesn’t appear the lack of gold has harmed any of his idiotic inspiration, though. This morning’s tweet was just more of the same.

Like every Trump tweet, this one has received an outpouring of responses from some of the regular Trump “trolls” aka concerned human beings who happen to call out the Orange Idiot on every tweet his little stubby fingers type.

Oh, we sooo hope he is reading these!

First, Holly Figueroa known as Holly #TheResistance gave a few really nice jabs at Agent Orange.

Next Jules Suzdaltsev really broke down Trump’s first 100 days as the complete failure that we all expected from a reality-star turned POTUS. (Umm still saying it – WTF America?)

Another fantastic response sure to chap Trump’s ass came from Nick Jack Pappas.

Roland Scahill pointed out the obvious in Trump’s blustering and empty threats. His track record in court kind of speaks for itself.

And then, Rosie, who we could say is the OG Trump Troll, got in the mix.

Yep, Trump is absolutely Mr. Pissy Pants today. Clearly, ratings and the opinions of others is REALLY important to him, otherwise he wouldn’t spend so much time fabricating how well he is doing in the polls or focusing so much on his ratings – yet each and every day he is skewered on Twitter by people who obviously have a higher intellect than the current s0-called “leader of the free world.”

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You would think with so much negative feedback he would stay far, far away from Twitter. But alas, there is just one thing Trump values over his own ego – his own unfettered rage spewed across social media.

That’s ok. We KNOW Trump has to read the comments – there is no way a man this impulsive and ego driven doesn’t check his replies.

So thank you, Holly #TheResistance, Jules Suzdaltsev, Nick Jack Pappas, Roland Scahill, and Rosie, for calling this buffoon out for his idiocy. Many of us are reading and we applaud you every step of the way.

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