7 Things Trump Is Doing That Would Make Righties Heads Explode If Obama Did Them

Trump has officially surpassed our expectations and managed to survive 100 days in office. But since January 20, he has done things that if a Democratic president had done them would make conservatives shit their britches. It’s especially hard to swallow given the right-wing’s daily freak outs over the most innocuous things President Obama did while in office.

Here is a list of 7 white-hot burning hypocrisies coming from the right-wing:

7. Executive orders: Remember when Obama first took office and he had the audacity to use his presidential powers to sign executive orders like every president before him? This had the right-wing pulling out their hair and screaming “WHAT IS THIS NAZI GERMANY KENYAN MUSLIM COMMUNIST DICTATOR USURPER DOING TO OUR WORLD!!!????”

Hell, even Trump was against it:

But now that Trump is in office, he surpassed the 19 executive orders signed by Obama in his first 100 days and signed 30 executive orders. And barely a peep has been heard from the right.

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6. Golfing: Look, I don’t care if a president plays golf. They need their downtime because they are humans like everyone else. But, the right-wing extensively criticized Obama for golfing. Trump criticized him, too. Yet, after his first week in office Trump has golfed nearly every single weekend — and to boot, the right-wing doesn’t care at all.

President Obama didn’t go to Louisiana for good reason — it would have been too much of a distraction at a time when the state was doing all they could to rescue people from terrible floods. Yet, Trump can drop bombs on countries, start wars with North Korea, issue an unconstitutional ban on Muslims and skip off to his resort to golf every single weekend? I call hypocrisy!

5. Constant vacationing: Remember when Obama took vacations like every other president before him? Remember how outraged Fox News and right-wing outlets would get and they would report constantly on the money his vacations were costing taxpayers? Obama’s big mistake was he vacationed while black.

For comparison in Obama’s first 100 days, he spent only four days away from the White House, Trump has spent 25 days away and calling Mar-a-Lago the winter White House doesn’t justify that. In the first 80 days, it is estimated Trump’s weekend getaways have cost taxpayers $20 million and if he keeps vacationing at the same rate he will be on pace to spend more tax dollars on vacationing in one year than Obama spent in all eight years.

But all we hear is crickets from the right.

4. Protests: As with any presidential term, people are protesting. When Obama was president, protesters adorned in tricorn hats and Lipton tea bags protested frequently, as well as armed to the teeth “militias” which frequently demonstrated in public. Obama never once jumped on Twitter and taunted them or told them they had no right to protest because “there was an election.” Trump, not so much. Every time there is a protest, Trump seems to think that because he was elected people don’t have the right to exercise their First Amendment rights and he consistently demeans them.

Yet in 2013, protesting Obama was cool:

3. The Trump-Russia scandal: Try to imagine for five seconds if the Obama Administration was accused of being helped by Russia to win the 2008 election. Imagine if Obama constantly refused to denounce Russia’s actions and screamed “FAKE NEWS” every time reporters asked questions. Then imagine if people in key cabinet positions were discovered to have ties to Russia. The outrage from the right-wing would have been staggering. Obama had no such scandal. The right-wing would like to say Benghazi would be the equivalent, but they investigated 11 times and found no scandal. Now, the right-wing of Congress is doing everything in their power to stop investigations into Russia’s election meddling. It’s total bullshit.

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2. Uneducated about basics of the world: Trump didn’t do his homework before becoming president — this is clear. Throughout his campaign, he promised to pull out of NATO because it was “obsolete” and that he would call China a “currency manipulator.” Now he is saying NATO is not obsolete and that China isn’t manipulating their currency. He’s right now, but it shows how uneducated he was coming into office.

1. Tweeting: Obama was the first president on Twitter. While on Twitter, he constantly put out positive messages, highlighted the country’s successes and gave digital high fives to do-gooders. Trump, however, uses Twitter to argue with the TV and to ridicule people. He even threatens people, by saying he will tweet about them and hell will rain on their heads if they don’t do what he wants. He weaponized Twitter and whines constantly like it’s his damn diary. How the right-wing isn’t more embarrassed about this, I will never know, because they elected a troll.

Here he is, telling people to vote against the members from his own party:

The best to come from this hypocrisy will be throwing it in Republicans’ faces during the coming elections for a generation. Because while Obama may have vacationed and played golf and signed executive orders, Trump did it times ten and they will never live this down, and we shouldn’t let them. But it also goes to show, the right’s outrage was deeply rooted in racism and irrational hatred because it seems to me, it’s “alwhite” if Trump does whatever he wants.

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