Donald Trump Is Only On The Ballot In 49 States–GOP Breaks Its Own Rules In A Panic To Fix It

It’s almost like watching slapstick. They trip over themselves, poke each other in the eyes and personify the joke, “When I nod my head, you hit it.” They are the modern Republican party, gathering place for bigots, racists and fools; run by the inept and led by the one and only Lord Cheeto himself — Donald Trump.

It looks like the ineptitude of the national party has filtered down to at least one state, where Donald Trump isn’t listed yet on the November ballot. Former Minnesota GOP co-chair, Michael Brodkorb, brought the issue up on Twitter:

Hmmm…No Donald Trump. Now, it could be that Trump knows that Minnesota is about as likely to vote Red as Louisiana is to vote blue, but that still doesn’t hide the embarrassment. The party apparently went into a bit of a tizzy trying to correct the issue as Brodkorb reported on it through the night:

If that’s all it takes, why not just get it done? Because apparently, they simply don’t have their sh*t together in Minnesota:

And that’s the last update. “We have a mess.” In order to get Trump on the ballot, the state party will have to break its own rules and appoint who are supposed to be, by their own party constitution, elected because they’re inept and don’t have time to call a convention and elect them. This will most certainly open up the possibilities of lawsuits from establishment Republicans and Democrats alike, looking to keep Trump off the ballot in a state he will surely lose because boy oh boy…would that be embarrassing.

The headlines will be glorious: “Marijuana party gets more votes than Donald Trump in Minnesota.”

*Update* Apparently their rules don’t matter:

Let the lawsuits begin.

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