A Bush Just Betrayed His Family And Endorsed Trump

The Bush family is surely seething after a recent decision by George Bush to endorse Donald Trump. On Saturday George Prescott Bush, son of Trump’s vanquished rival Jebra, caved to pressure from his fellow Republicans and dropped an endorsement of Trump on the state of Texas.

Bush, the current Texas Land Commissioner, had been appointed “victory chairman” by the state Republican Party but his refusal to endorse Trump was creating problems for him. Caving to pressure like the coward he is, Bush gave Trump’s tiny c*ck over-inflated ego an oral polishing on Saturday:

“From Team Bush, it’s a bitter pill to swallow, but you know what? You get back up and you help the man that won, and you make sure that we stop Hillary Clinton.”

George is responsible for Texas’ statewide campaign in November. Previously, he contended that he did not need to endorse Trump “because of concerns about his rhetoric and his inability to create a campaign that brings people together,” as his efforts are mostly separate from the national campaign. While he said that he might change his mind if Trump changes, Donald has not changed at all. But Bush seems to have given in to pressure from his peers and abandoned his values.

Jeb Bush has so far been silent about his son’s decision to betray him.

You can see it happen below:

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  • There is a story about a young African American male,who upon being laid of from his job,complained that he was being laid off “because I am Black: the forman replied,”you were hired because you were Black” you are being let go because you are an unreliable employee” Obama was for the most part elected because he was black. He turned out to be an “indifferent and unpredictable president” and should have never been elected in the first place,because he was not “vetted properly” by the media,nor the Democrat party. His re election remains to be questioned due to some “:dubious” voting results. Obama was an unqualified candidate,who had to learn about the “:office” OTJ , the results of his presidency will “haunt” this country for years to come. Trump is a proven CEO who knows how to “:get things done”because he employs people who are specialists in which ever field Trump needs them.

    • Busta Troll

      Your delusions are noted. We still can’t find your meds. Have you checked under the couch cushions?

    • Cheryl

      Trump is a FAILURE at being a businessman (please note the thousands of lawsuits against him for scamming and cheating people), cannot complete an interview and stay on task, has mental problems that he has displayed over the past year very publicly. If ever there was an unqualified person to be in the White House, that would be Donald Trump. He’s even worse than George Bush. He has nothing to offer Americans … not even businesses or employees, because he cheats them all. By the way, since I was a kid, it was a well-known fact that Italians hate blacks worse than anything. If that’s your real name, it explains your post. By the way, Trump is primarily a “proven idiot.” That’s why he appeals to fellow idiots and racists.