A Leak From The White House Says The Mood Is Like Hitler’s Final Days

Everything is fine on this Presidents Day. There aren’t massive “Not my president” protests scheduled nationwide. The White House is running like a fine-tuned machine, even though Sean Spicer has been missing for six days straight without a word about his whereabouts. That’s totally normal. The three investigations into Trump’s campaign ties to Russia? Not a problem, even though some intelligence officials believe Trump will die in prison. But it’s the media’s fault things look bad because things are the very opposite of bad, according to Trump and his lackeys.

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But one White House leak tells a different story. Now, we can’t be sure this is a real staffer because they won’t verify their identity for obvious reasons. But, this account did predict Sean Spicer would be gone several days before he went missing, so there are reasons to believe this could possibly be a real leaker.

Here’s what they say about the mood in the White House:

Now, if you’ve never seen the movie “Downfall” it’s about an increasingly unhinged Adolf Hitler who sends little boys to fight for Nazi Germany and comes unglued as the allied armies push further and further into Germany. One recognizable scene is Hitler in his final days in his bunker, yelling at his generals as he finally faces the realization that he has lost the war.

The scene depicting a furious Hitler has been re-captioned to fit dozens of scenarios from Amy’s Baking Company to Obama’s re-election.

Here’s one where Hitler finds out just how incompetent our Nazi-in-Chief really is:

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