A Letter From George H W Bush To Bill Clinton Is Going Viral 24 Years Later–Trump Should Read It

George Herbert Walker Bush won’t exactly be remembered as our greatest president. His single term in office was marred by “a thousand points of light” that turned into failed education policy, “read my lips’ that turned into the largest tax increase in history and an invasion of Iraq that stopped 30 miles from Baghdad. The one thing we can never call him, however, is disrespectful.

A career politician from a family of career politicians, it wasn’t until his son destroyed the credibility and tainted the office of the President of the United States with illegal wars and a blank check that tanked our economy that Americans began to despise the name “bush.”

The elder Bush, who helped engineer Reaganomics and is largely responsible for the wealth inequality in our country, did have that one redeeming quality of respect for his nation and the office he held. That was made clear in 1993 when the Clinton administration released this letter welcoming President Clinton to the White House and encouraging him to govern as our chief executive, not as a partisan politician:


Could you imagine if Trump were elected? Surely the letter from President Obama would be similar, being that he is a decent and respectable man, but the letter from Trump to his successor would be more like this:

Dear Elizabeth,

You are a loser. And you’re ugly. You don’t deserve to be President. I only had one term so I can run again. See you in 2024, bitch. Isn’t Ivanka hot?


I know. That was silly. Still, it had to be done. luckily Trump’s chances of winning are as slim as his chances of being remembered as anything other than the laughing-stock of an entire nation.

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