A Reasonable Response To Trump’s Ridiculous Wednesday Morning ‘Maddow Is Fake News’ Tweet

It became fairly obvious to anyone paying attention exactly what happened Tuesday night on The Rachel Maddow Show. Two pages of a tax return from 12 years ago magically surfaced in the mailbox of investigative reporter David Cay Johnston in an unsolicited “over the transom” exchange of information. Johnston is a well-known reporter who has broken stories, particularly about taxes, going back 50 years.

Commander Candy Corn decided not to tweet about the return Tuesday, instead having his propagandists release a statement confirming the authenticity of the document before calling the media liars and claiming that publishing the returns was illegal. Early Wednesday morning, he let out a flatulent tweet that was even more foolish than anyone could have expected:

Yes, Lord Cheeto, that’s exactly what we believe. Not only does calling a 50-year professional, well-respected journalist a nobody make you look even more uneducated and ignorant, the very fact that you’re calling a network “FAKE NEWS!” for something your own office authenticated makes you look flat-out stupid.

So, Butternut Bigot, here’s the reasonable response you can expect from the left on this:

You released that document. You had your attorneys and accountants comb through 30 years of tax filings and came up with the most innocuous, non-incriminating pages they could find that showed that you paid million in taxes. Your base is already eating it up. Cries of “look how much he paid!” are already running through circles of idiots who can’t comprehend that we want to see your tax returns to learn who owns you, not how much you paid.

For more than a year, reporters and the American people have asked for answers. President Clownface has provided none. He has lied and run around in circles, promising to release his returns if he won then saying it didn’t matter because he won. Now, magically, to once again distract people from the ongoing question of Russian involvement in his campaign and in his financial life, a shiny object for 62 million sycophants to cheer about magically appears, complete with a hate tweet to seal it as just another attack on Donald Trump.

Then he moved on to how awful Snoop Dogg is for good measure. The perfect hit and run.

People with an IQ over 80 are paying attention, Donald. This is nowhere near over.

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