A Scalia-Free SCOTUS Just Destroyed One Of The Worst Voter Suppression Tactics In The Nation

Antonin Scalia continues to serve America better in death, than he did in life, by his absence allowing for the Supreme Court to stop pushing a fully conservative agenda on the people of the United States.

Two years ago, a federal court struck down Virginia’s insanely gerrymandered voting maps when they packed untold thousands of African-American voters into an already strongly-held Democratic district. This had the effect of diluting the black vote in Virginia and allowed Republicans to freely carve up the rest of the state among themselves in almost undefeatable new districts. It essentially guaranteed them employment-for-life as do-nothing Republicans.

The Supreme Court has now put the final nail in that coffin when it rejected an appeal brought by 3 Virginian Republican members of Congress when they claimed that the move would unfairly burden them to where it might prevent them from winning re-election.

Yeah, you read that right. Republicans who unfairly burden Democrats with pro-Republican gerrymanders are whining about the fact it happened to them.

They whined so much and so loudly that they took it all the way to the Supreme Court. Luckily, they were handed their own asses in a complete denial and sent home in defeat.

Randy Forbes, the Republican that is most terrified by the news, is going to have his district transformed from 48 percent Democratic to 60 percent Democratic.

The funny part about Forbes is that he isn’t even running for re-election in the same district. In fact, his admission that he isn’t was key in defeating his own appeal. The SCOTUS declared that since he isn’t running for re-election in the district about which he’s trying to sue, he can’t possibly be harmed by the outcome. The same goes for his fellow Republican conspirators, Robert Wittman and David Brat. Both of them also failed to prove that redistricting would impose some kind of undue burden on their re-election chances.

It’s a relatively small victory in the grand scheme of things, but it’s a start and that’s what’s important. When a precedent is set to call gerrymandering out for the B.S. that it is, other states can follow suit and maybe one day, we can get a progressive hold on Congress again.

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