A Tale Of Two Tweeting Trumps: @RealDonaldTrump vs @POTUS

As one of what could possibly be the largest scandals in American History seems to be unfolding before our eyes, a transformation is taking place on Twitter. It seems Donald Trump has grown another face that could be even more dangerous than his unhinged Twitter rants.

The official POTUS Twitter account is becoming a PR spin machine. The contrast in the two accounts is startling.

Look for yourself:

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On Donald Trump’s personal account where every few hours, especially in the early morning, the man-baby president tweets about how the “fake media” treats him and his family so poorly and impotently brags about how loved he is while being mocked on the regular. However, on the official POTUS account, little love tweets are shared.

And retweets from Mike Pence:

And awkward moments in foreign diplomacy:

In fact, there hasn’t been any Donald J. Trump retweets, or Trump-like tweets at all really, since February 8 – the day he received criticism for sharing the infamous Ivanka tweet that should have landed him in legal hot water – but almost seems inconsequential even more horrifying allegations continue to mound. His retweets continued to be shared throughout that day and then the switch flipped. Hmmm, interesting.

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Now the official page looks like a propaganda machine, sharing all of the photo-op moments that would normally be what the masses would expect from an official communication channel on the POTUS’ behalf.

That normalcy is frightening and it certainly allows justified speculation that there is a puppet master.

In some ways, we should be glad that Trump is as unpredictable and unhinged as he is – at least his personal Twitter account provides us with window into the deranged and clearly unstable mind of the man currently sitting in the Oval Office.

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