According to Kushner, Trump Camp Was Too Incompetent To Collude With Russians

In the words of Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner, there was no way the Trump campaign could have worked with the Russians — you see, they were too disorganized.

I’ve heard of pleading ignorance, but never pleading incompetence. And, well, nobody can he isn’t right, either; everything about the man screams “incompetence”.

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Of course, this somehow still makes Trump qualified to lead the White House (actually, the thing that makes him qualified in the mind of most conservatives is his skin color, which isn’t so much white as it is a shade of Oompah-Loompah Orange — but it still counts).

Kushner made the statements during an off-the record talk with Congressional interns Monday afternoon at the Capitol Visitor Center in Washington.

So what does this mean? Well, for those investigating the case, it might be the difference between criminal behavior and criminally incompetent behavior. I’m not sold, though: Jared notes during the speech, “I’m a lot more comfortable talking to you guys today ’cause there isn’t any press.” Staffers were also told not to leak the contents of the speech, which worked out amazingly.

Perhaps it’s just my conspiratorial thinking, but I can’t trust anything out of this administration. I would not be surprised to learn that Jared gave this speech fully expecting it to be leaked, knowing that this plea would shape the public perception of the investigation. It’s exacerbated by the knowledge that this wouldn’t be the first time individuals close to the Trump camp has attempted to skew the public perception of the investigation — after all, Fox is facing just such a lawsuit from the family of the late DNC-staffer Seth Rich.

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Still, I’ll give Kushner this: that’s a novel excuse, and probably the first time that anyone from the Trump campaign has acknowledged the truth about Donald Trump.

Now if only Trump would realize it — of course, that’d require self-awareness. And I’m pretty sure that caterpillar on his head has more self-awareness than he does.

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