Actual Doctor Evaluates Trump’s ‘Medical Report’ — Finds Case Of Chronic Fraud

Donald Trump released a so called “letter from his personal doctor,” a while ago that read like something the Republican presidential hopeful actually wrote himself. I say that for several reasons — the first one being that most of the letter is spent bragging — and we all know how much Trump enjoys bragging about himself.

Here is the full note to refresh your memory:


The rest of the reasons are listed below, and they’re about as bad as they can be. Now lets get down to the good part. Shall we?

1: The web address listed didn’t take us to an actual doctor.

Header on Trump’s “doctor’s note:”


Here is what the web address used to point to:


The above picture is how the site looked just a short while ago. Now, the web address points you to a health insurance scam site. Please, if you try to go there, don’t submit ANY personal information.

2: Lennox Hill Hospital has no “Section” of gastroenterology, but it does have a “Division” of it. Nobody named Bornstein exists as a member.


3: Doctors do not describe their findings in terms like Trump’s fake doctor does in the letter.

13689430_276526712711634_27516840_n (1)

“Astonishingly excellent, and “only positive results,” are meaningless jargon and nothing any doctor who doesn’t actually want to get sued would say in written documentation. They also don’t use terms like “test score.” They report the results without making it sound like they graduated to the second grade.


4: “The healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency”?

Trump’s not-doctor clearly works (but really doesn’t) at Lennox Hill hospital if this letter is to be believed. He does not actually work for the U.S. government in a medical capacity to evaluate potential presidents, nor does he have access to historical presidential health records. To say he’s the “healthest individual ever elected” would necessitate he does both. Dr. Bornstein doesn’t do either by his own admission in the letter.

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5: The entire thing starts with an amazingly obvious typo.


To Whom My Concern? Really? I totally am down with accepting people make typos from time to time, and miss them when they read through something … but THAT? You gotta be kidding me. It’s the very first thing written after the fake header. If I knew I was writing about the health of a presidential candidate, I’d check my work.

If anybody who is an actual doctor wrote this letter, I hope their patients see it and quickly find another person for their primary care. It’s not only ridiculous on a medically professional level, but it’s almost child-like in it’s wording and obvious errors like the fake website and glaring typo introduction.

Let’s face it. Trump probably wrote this himself. I don’t mean one of his staff did — I mean Donald himself personally created this. A staffer would have the forethought to re-read it at least once and correct obvious mistakes. Trump is way too arrogant to admit to himself that he makes mistakes … ever.

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