After A Disastrous First Weekend Twitter Relentlessly Mocks Trump With Humiliating To-Do List

Welp, The Great Tangerine Tantrum-Thrower’s first weekend as president was as disastrous as we all expected it to be. First, he signed an executive order and screwed over American homeowners. Then he signed another order to help Republicans strip healthcare from millions of citizens and it only went downhill from there. On Saturday morning, the new president spoke to the CIA in front of the Wall of Heroes, where he talked less about the intelligence community and more about his inaugural crowd size. He also tried to rewrite history and blame his problems with the agency on the mean media and that wasn’t all.

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His Press Secretary Sean Spicer threw a massive fit and berated the media in his very first press conference–he also blatantly lied to everyone by saying Trump’s inauguration was the most watched ever in the history of the whole wide world. PERIOD! Then on Sunday Kellyanne Conway defended Spicer by saying that his press briefing was totally cool because he was just using “alternative facts.”

It was just all so, so bad and guess who else noticed it? Twitter of course!

The internet has spent Monday morning ruthlessly mock Trump with a humiliating to-do list: #TheFirst100DaysToDoList.

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Perhaps Trump should take some time away from destroying the country and take some of this advice. Lord knows it would be better than what he is doing so far.

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