After Almost Two Weeks, The Mooch Says, ‘Adios’

After serving for 12 days, Anthony Scaramucci, he of the New York-wannabe Mafioso, has resigned from his position as the White House Communications Director. At least, that’s the latest according to ABC News:

During his almost two-week run as the White House Communications Director, Scaramucci — also called “the Mooch” because why wouldn’t a nickname that invokes the word “moocher” be great for a former hedge fund manager — leaves us with scarce little in the way of memes and jokes compared to what we had after his predecessor, Sean Spicer, bailed.

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No moments of hiding behind bushes, no tweeting out his Twitter password, and no comments regarding how even Hitler avoided the use of chemical weapons. As far as we know, despite doing his best Italian mafioso impersonation, he never got around to the Italian plumber one so he could all those leaks. His 12-day run as White House Communications Director is probably a record and ended hot on the heels of Priebus getting fired/abandoning ship.

If your mental image right now is that of fish rotting from the head down, you’re probably not wrong.

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Perhaps the funniest thing of all this is that Trump started the day by noting there isn’t any “chaos” in his White House. At this point, I’m pretty sure that’s just because Trump has been around chaos for so long, he doesn’t know what chaos actually looks like.

So, adios Scaramucci. Here’s to looking forward to the next two-week stand in — or less, depending on how fast he rots.

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