After His Meltdown Today, We Thought We’d Give You The Funniest Spicey Memes Of All Time. Period.

OMG how is it possible that a little angry man like Sean Spicer is the “PR person” for the White House? How is this even reality?

Everyday (except on the days when he is in hiding) this overly unpleasant little twit takes the stage in front of the press corp and berates them. He makes up sh*t as he goes and parrots the talking points pushed down from the Great Lord Orange One. He spews his nonsense, never knowing when he will be chucked under the bus when the Liar-In-Chief decides he will change the story.

It’s a tough job, really – and one that could only be filled with the spineless bottom dweller that IS Sean Spicer.

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We have survived the nightmare that has been the last 70 days since Trump took office. While many are surviving on bong hits and alcohol, there is some therapy in the laughter produced by internet memes.

Here are a few of our favorites.

Totally, 138,000 fingers.

He was! He swears it!

Damn that liberal media!

Ok, we will admit. This one makes us feel a little sorry for Spicey. He has the “no bath robe duty” every Thursday.

The Press Secretary “doth protest too much, methinks.”

Size matters, Spicey.


Well, duh. And people say Republicans don’t like science. Puulleeaaseee.

Last but not least, that time when Spicey wore a green tie. . .

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Another day, another Spicey meltdown. Are we done yet?

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