After The Buzz Wore Off, Trump Tried Attacking CNN But Ended Up Trashing Fox (IMAGE)

Donald Trump had a very uncommon moment today when he actually said something sensible on Twitter. Among all the garbage was a surprisingly smart suggestion for everyone to remember regarding where they get their news.

In spite of the fact it came from the master of misinformation, it’s objectively a good thing to remember. If a news outlet relies heavily on the vague “sources said” phrase as proof they’re reporting the facts, they probably aren’t.

Of course, Trump’s rare crumb of wisdom came accidentally and not from the fact he’s actually a smart person. The statement followed Trump’s possibly-cocaine-fueled overnight Twitter bender where he attempted to attack and discredit CNN and reporter Don Lemon.

Regardless of the thing that started his rant and in spite of the meandering journey through a possible drug-induced wasteland that may have led him to his point, Trump remains correct on that single tweet.

The joke of this story comes from the fact that the news network that engages in the “sources say” ploy the most is none other than Trump’s home away from home: Fox news. I wonder if anyone has pointed it out to him yet.

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This trick is so common at Fox News that it’s taken on a life of its own and become known by the term “some people say.” This is something that’s been reported on by independent media outlets multiple times. Fox has done it so much that it’s provided enough material for other media sites to make lengthy videos composed of nothing but the snippets of them using the phrase.

This sort of thing can be easily missed during regular viewing, but it becomes really obvious when you see it in the proper context. They almost seem to have become desensitized to their own gimmick.

Here is a montage of Fox News doing the very thing about which Trump is complaining:

Does Trump even realize what he’s saying? Fox News is his biggest asset, and he’s actively discrediting them at the time he needs them the most. Not only is he hurting things for himself, but he’s doing it for all of conservative America by pointing out the cable channel’s bad practices. He HAS to know that Fox will lie about anything. Even he isn’t that stupid.

However, when someone is an emotionally-driven manchild with poor impulse control, this is what happens. In his haste to try to save himself from a bit of media criticism, he made the case for what every progressive has been accusing Fox of doing for over a decade.


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