Alec Baldwin Finally Responds To Big Orange Crybaby Trump On Twitter And It. Is. Magnificent.

For decades, Saturday Night Live has been lampooning politicians and presidents. It’s what they do. Many politicians have taken it in stride and some have even made cameo appearances on the show. Gerald Ford, for example, was the first sitting president to appear on the show in 1976 saying the signature line “Live from New York.”

Our Commander-in-Tweet is showing no such signs of being a good sport. This morning he went to his Twitter feed, like the small fingered crusader that he is, to condemn the comedy troupe for their portrayal of him on the show. Of course he whined about it being unfair and unequal. Wahhhhh!

Alec Baldwin couldn’t pass the opportunity to give the orange President-elect some advice:



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And in five tweets, Baldwin made Trump look like the President of the Unglued Skulker Association rather than the United States of America.

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If this trend continues — and it will — future generations will redefine the word “Trump” to mean someone who can dish it out, but can’t take it.

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