Alec Baldwin Is Getting A Full HOUR To Mock Trump, And All Is Right With The World

You know those adorable little meltdowns our President has every time Alec Baldwin so much as sneezes? Well, we’re about to see the aftermath of a really, really big sneeze. On Monday, news broke that Baldwin, whose Trump skits on SNL have become part of our regular  political discourse because of Trump’s constant tantrums about them, will be hosting Saturday Night Live on February 11.

This will be Baldwin’s 17th time hosting the show and, based on past performances, promises to be enough to turn Trump into a whimpering mess in the corner. Baldwin recently said that he will continue to appear on Saturday Night Live “as much as I can,” adding something that likely sends chills down Trump’s spine:

“There’s discussions about other venues we might pursue to further express our gratitude and admiration for the Trump administration.”

In other words, we might see Baldwin-Trump show up all over the place, a constant reminder that though the President may actively work to strip our country of everything that makes it what it is, at least Baldwin will be there to make us laugh.

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“We’re just gonna sit back and just let the good times roll,” Baldwin says.

It’s unclear how much of Baldwin’s episode will be spent mocking Trump but if the actor’s Twitter timeline is any indicator, we can expect it to be a hefty percentage.

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