Alec Baldwin Tweets A Brilliant Suggestion To Help Channel Your Trump-Induced Sadness And Rage

The election is over. Donald Trump, by appealing to the same blue collar rust belt workers he screwed over his entire life, has won. There is no reprieve coming. The Electoral College isn’t going to hand the presidency to Clinton. For the next four years, or until he does something stupid enough to get himself impeached, Donald Trump is going to be President of the United States.

For liberals, it’s a nightmare come true. A man who built an entire campaign on hate and lies cruised to victory on a message of economic hope to those in our country who feel trapped. They’re trapped, of course, because of the Republican party, trickle-down economics and virtually all of the wealth of America being funneled to the top, but still they feel helpless and have for some time.

We thought we could show them the evils of the GOP, the Tea Party and the Koch Brothers-type elite. We thought we could convince them that the parties weren’t the same and that Democrats had their best interests in mind. We were wrong. Unfortunately, they’ll need to learn that lesson for themselves.

Alec Baldwin, a strong opponent of Donald Trump, has made it clear how he plans to defend against the Trump Administration and it is absolutely brilliant in its simplicity:

He’s right. They wanted him and they got him. The primarily white, blue collar American has decided to give Lord Cheeto a chance to effect the change he promised, so we’ll go ahead and sit back while he continues the desolation of working-class America.

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The people who turned from blue to red to elect “change” don’t seem to understand what they’ve done to themselves. They haven’t just elected Donald Trump, an unqualified megalomaniac who now looks like he’s so overwhelmed that his head might explode, they’ve brought the Republican party to absolute power along with him. Trump’s own transition team is a who’s who of Republican establishment politicians.

There won’t be any change. There won’t be more accountability or transparency. There will be tax breaks for the rich, deregulation for Wall Street to crash the economy again and the destruction of our social programs in favor of another aircraft carrier we don’t need.

It’s our job, as Alec Baldwin suggests, to not only count the days that Trump screws the shmucks who voted for him but to point out exactly how. When millions watch their insurance premiums go down by eleven bucks but the amount they actually pay go up by $400 because their subsidies just became a tax cut for Chuckie Koch, we need to remind them. When the minimum wage bills are shot down before ever leaving committee we need to remind them. When a year goes by and there’s still no wall and not a dime spent fixing immigration but there are 100,000 pairs of boots on the ground in Syria we need to shout it from the rooftops.

Donald Trump won’t be fixing anything. He will be making America white again, making the rich richer and packing the judiciary with the most conservative judges the establishment politicians pulling his strings can come up with.

The last time America voted for change they got it. Healthcare was addressed, a collapsed economy was mended and we ended two wars. This time? The only change they’ll see is in their retirement age, lowered Social Security payments and increased racial profiling and tension in a country already on edge.

Start the clock to 2018. We’ll be dying for real change by then. Literally.

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