Alex Jones Attempted Satire And It Was The Biggest Fail Ever (VIDEO)

Alex Jones is trying to give SNL a run for their money, but with no talent and no funny. As one of the major pimps of fake news, Jones decided to try satire on his InfoWars show, but failed miserably.

Jones entertained the character “Rainbow Snatch” who is a social justice warrior (SJW). Wearing a recognizable pink kitty hat, Millie Weaver, who is another young blonde conservative personality that the right-wingers love to listen to, did her best impression of the women who have taken to the streets to fight against the archaic worldview that has now purveyed the Executive Branch of our government.

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Oh, it was bad. Watch:

Some people immediately pointed out that the “bit” was fake. Gee, you think? These people are quick. You can’t get much by them, no siree bob. Not these guys.

Yet, even with as bad as this failed attempt at satire was, there are still a few people who are convinced the poor acting of fellow InfoWars host Millie Weaver was believable. Umm, can you believe it?

And then there is this guy, who is deeply troubled that InfoWars is just “no longer what it was.”

Oh, boo-hoo. He was like one of their biggest fans, too.

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Keep in mind, the now President of the United States has been known to get his information from Alex Jones. He has applauded Alex Jones for having an amazing reputation. Trump appeared Jones’ show in December where he told the host:

Your reputation is amazing. I will not let you down.

That’s reassuring. You know, the POTUS telling a whack-job like Jones he won’t let him down. . . so. . . comforting.

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