An Angry Army Mom Infiltrated A GOP Rally To Ask Mike Pence Why He’s Supporting A Scumbag (VIDEO)

It isn’t just Donald Trump under fire for his incredibly insensitive remarks about a mother’s grief over the loss of her son; a man who died serviing the country she and her husband love dearly.

Mike Pence was confronted at a campaign stop by a military mom who couldn’t stand the thought of him running with Donald Trump after the big Cheeto disrespected the family, particularly the mother, of a fallen hero. Her question was relevant and valid but as soon as she mentioned the name “Khan,” she was instantly booed by the Islamaphobic assholes who make up Trump’s base.

When she finished her question, which was essentially “how could you?” she held up a picture of her son to show the crowd of bigots that they were now bashing a military mother. It was fantastic.

Pence avoided the question altogether, opting instead to bloviate about how much trump loves and supports our troops. Because he said so. It’s a burn that will require plenty of cream and a sound byte that trump fans will regret as the rest of the country makes the decision between the clear and confident progress offered by the left and the doom, gloom and disrespect from the right.

If you’re like me you’ll be disgusted st the boos and proud of the mom who took a stand amidst the hate and contempt of a room full of douchebags:

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We don’t know your name but surely you’re proud to be known as “the army mom who drop kicked Mike Pence.”

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