Andrew Napolitano Just Proved He Is The King Of The Fox News Idiots (VIDEO)

I used to think that Steve Doocy, of the Fox News morning show Fox and Friends, was the dumbest man on broadcast media. Sorry Steve, your reign is now over. There’s a new king of stupidity in town.

On Wednesday Judge Andrew Napolitano, also a Fox and Friends regular (technically he’s one of the “friends”), officially took the stupidity title from Doocy. He earned his new status thanks to doubling down on a claim that everybody who is anybody knows is a total lie.

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On March 14 Napolitano appeared, without his tinfoil hat, on Fox and Friends, where he told the show’s other resident 25-watt bulb, Brian Kilmeade, that there was no evidence that President Obama had wiretapped Trump Tower because Obama had gone “outside the chain of command” to have it done. Napolitano explained that “three sources” in the intelligence community had told him that Obama used the British service GCHQ, which is their version of our National Security Agency (NSA) to do his dirty work.

The charge made headlines when another idiot, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, mentioned it in his daily press briefing. Current NSA head, Admiral Mike Rogers, was later asked about the possibility during a House Intelligence Committee hearing. Rogers said that such a thing would be a violation of the “Five Eyes” intelligence gathering agreement. Her Majesty’s government vehemently denied the allegation and the Trump administration was forced to promise that the claim wouldn’t be repeated.

Following those revelations Napolitano was suspended from Fox News. Think about how badly you have to lie to get suspended from the network that lies to its viewers with almost every word that comes out of the mouths of their on-air personalities.

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But on March 29 Napolitano was back at it during an appearance on America’s Newsroom with host Bill Hemmer. Now, a smart man would just go on and talk about the issues of the day, pretending he never offered such a bone-headed suggestion as the one that got him suspended. But not Judge Andrew Napolitano. Nope.

The judge was there to talk about another Republican criminal, former Illinois congressman Aaron Shock. But before they got to the Shock case, Hemmer asked Napolitano about his GCHQ allegation.

It was plain that Fox had set up the segment to allow Napolitano to double down on his claim, which was exactly what he did. Hemmer observed that the judge has had “a few quiet days,” then asked him if he stood by the story. Of course Napolitano said that he did. He was at least smart enough to speak in generalities about intelligence gathering, and never mentioned the initials “GCHQ,” but he said he thinks that “more is going to come” from his nonsensical story.

There is nothing more to come out of this story, and Napolitano knows it. In true Fox fashion he threw something out for the consumption of the network’s poorly educated viewers, but it got picked up by the poorly educated Orange Emperor’s poorly educated press secretary and disseminated to a wider audience than it was intended for. Fox gave him a vacation, washed his dirty laundry, then brought him back. Now they need to give him a crown, because by going back to a lie that has been so thoroughly debunked, Andrew Napolitano truly deserves to be known as “king of the idiots.”

Here’s the segment, via Fox News:

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