Angry Crowd Uses Obama Hating Congressman’s Own Words Against Him (VIDEO)

What goes around comes around, as they say. And one congressman who famously vented on President Obama is finding out that poorly thought out words will often come back to haunt you.

Remember infamous South Carolina representative Joe Wilson, and this outburst in the middle of a speech by President Obama?

Eight years later, many of Wilson’s constituents haven’t forgotten one of the most disrespectful moments from President Obama’s term, and they turned those words on the congressman during a town hall meeting on Monday evening.

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As with a number of town halls held by Republicans in recent weeks, healthcare and the fate of Obamacare was on the minds of many attendees. Wilson had planned on voting for the American Health Care Act, the GOP’s planned Obamacare replacement, before Republican leadership pulled the bill. His support for that bill didn’t sit too well with constituents, and after he told a blatant lie about another piece of legislation, their anger spilled over.

Wilson was trying to tell the crowd that he has backed efforts to enforce the federal Violence Against Women Act, which he voted against the reauthorization of in 2013. But his constituents were having none of it. Several in the crowd shouted “no!” as Wilson tried to make a patently false statement about his support for the law. That moment led to many in the crowd standing, pointing at the congressman, and chanting his own words from 2009 back to him. It was a beautiful thing.

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