Ann Coulter Can’t Find Any ‘Indians’ In This Photo Of Native American Protesters

It’s hard to imagine that in this age of Trump there is any more vile American than the president-elect, but the title of most repulsive human creature in the U.S. still belongs to Ann Coulter. On Sunday the Coultergeist weighed in with a tweet attacking the Dakota Access Pipeline protesters.

She was referring to this photo, tweeted by The Hill:

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Coulter is trying to agitate the knuckle-dragging racists who make up the bulk of her following by suggesting that the people protesting at Standing Rock are “professional” protesters and not actual, honest-to-goodness Natives upset over the desecration of their land. Of course, those knuckle-draggers were more than happy to agree with her.

There was one brave soul who felt he had to call it as he, not Coulter, sees it.

Virtually every person in that photo is a Native American. But Coulter can’t identify them as such, probably because they don’t look like this:


Without those fancy clothes, Ann Coulter just can’t tell Native Americans from the other brown people she hates.

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