Ann Coulter Gave An Embarrassing Alt-Right History Lesson On Twitter But Forgot These Fun Facts.

Yesterday, at Donald Trump’s rally in Reno, Nevada, mass media was all a frenzy with news of a possible assassination attempt on the Republican candidate. Video shows some chaos and a rattled Trump being whisked off the stage. Initial reports said there was a possible man with a gun in the crowd, which was made up of mostly of NRA members. Almost immediately, the right-wingers started screaming about those “violent liberals” who go around shooting people. (Because, that makes sense.)

USA Today now reports that there was no gun. In fact, there wasn’t even a liberal. The only weapon the man had in his possession was a sign that read, “Republicans Against Trump.”

Yes, he is a Republican, not a Democrat.

Austyn Crites, the man mobbed by Trump supporters and accused of having the nonexistent gun at the Reno rally, told USA Today:

I just went with sign that said ‘Republicans Against Trump.’ It’s a sign that you can find online. I held up the sign and initially people around me were just booing me telling me to get out of there. Then a couple of these guys tried grabbing the sign out of my hands.

The article also reports that Secret Service questioned him, found no weapon, and he was released.

All of that makes the following Tweet by Ann Coulter that much more ludicrous. This morning, the ice queen chose to make a claim that right-wingers never make assassination attempts. It was a line out of her book “Demonic: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America.”

The irony here is not only the Tweet, but using something from a book about the “liberal mob” after a “conservative mob” literally just mobbed one of their own.

It didn’t take people long to start calling Coulter out for the nonsense.


Some just took the easiest route.

Yep, that one pretty much sums it up.

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