Ann Coulter Finally Told The Truth And It’s Fantastic News For Sane People (VIDEO)

Ann Coulter is the epitome of conservative racism, xenophobia and bigotry. She hates…everybody. An obvious white supremacist who claims she’s descended from “settlers,” not immigrants, Coulter is a walking, talking excuse for assholes around the country to nod their heads in agreement with the likes of Donald Trump and Sean Hannity.

On an episode of Hannity’s show, Coulter went on an adorable little rant about those dirty immigrants and refugees…again, this time landing at a conclusion that we love:

Here’s another version of the video if the one above isn’t loading for you:

Yes, Ann, we agree with you. What you do and what Hannity does and what Fox News does is coming to an end, but not because immigrants and refugees will somehow magically become citizens overnight and secure the right to vote but because you’re all a bunch of reckless douchebags who support a fascist, racist, misogynist pig who admitted to sexually assaulting women.

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Watching her get this upset is truly just uplifting. Ann Coulter is the worst the right has to offer. She has zero redeeming qualities. Seeing her and Fox News come to an end will be the greatest thing to happen to American media in modern times. It couldn’t come soon enough.

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