Ann Coulter Wins Most Racist Tweet Of The Year

I live in a Southwestern state which is a hotbed for the great debate over immigration from South and Central America. I have worked alongside undocumented immigrants, been to their houses, met their families and watched their kids grow up. They’re my neighbors. Their children are my child’s friends. I’ve personally witnessed their stunning work ethic. I’ve gone to school with DREAMers and they number among my closest friends. I’ve also seen them plucked from their workplaces and homes by ICE.

So when I see Hilter’s wet dream, Ann Coulter, retweet a tweet like this, it makes me shake with anger:


I live among millions of immigrants and they are not the criminals people like Donald Trump and Ann Coulter make them out to be. That isn’t to say there aren’t a few bad apples in the bunch, but like any group of people, the majority are good.

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In fact, according to Pew Research first and second generation immigrants commit crimes at a lower rate than US-born citizens. And while the number of immigrants coming into this country has risen since 2000, sexual assault has declined.

Source: DOJ and Pew Research

Obviously, the claim doesn’t match the facts. It’s purely hateful racism that agrees with Ann Coulter’s ultimate agenda — scapegoat the brown people.

If Ann Coulter or Tim Wookey really cared about cutting down on sexual assault they should look at the Brock Turners and John RK Howards of this country, first. The blue-eyed, corn-fed, athletic white boys who flagrantly commit sexual assault, who are found guilty but don’t spend any time in a jail cell. But we never see Coulter furious with the biased judgment of a judge who is more concerned about the rapist before them than the victim. Never. Ever. So she needs to drop the charade that she actually cares about protecting “local girls” from sexual assault.

In fact, the only tweet she made about Brock Turner, was a jab at Muslims:

No, what Coulter really cares about is spreading hate and racism and cultivating xenophobia and leaving this world a worse place for your children. Coulter doesn’t want to see complex and important problems solved, she just wants to live out Hitler’s legacy in making this country white, blue-eyed and blonde again.

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