Anti-Science Imbeciles Celebrate Trump Potentially Scrapping NASA Climate Change Program

Anthropogenic climate change is real; there’s far too much evidence to suggest it’s not. But that hasn’t stopped Conservative Messiah Donald J. Trump from declaring it a hoax, and today, Breitbart-Americans everywhere celebrated the idea that Trump might scrap NASA’s climate program.

Oh, and of course there was a heaping help of Islamophobia and general ignorance — you know, the sort of stuff that you expect from the people who comment at Breitbart regularly.

Before I go any further — yes, climate change is real and yes, anthropogenic global warming is happening. Calling for NASA to just “explore deep space” is amazingly stupid; Earth is part of deep space. We can only learn about planets and exoplanets by studying this one, and that includes our climate, which helps us understand climate on other planets.

That little rant aside, let’s see what kind of glorious stupid the morons at Breitbart have for us today:001Here’s a guy using “sheeple” seriously, so you know it’s legit.

003Can you say “bandwagon fallacy?”

004Yeah, desertification and ocean acidficiation aren’t real. What the hell is wrong with you people?



Don’t worry, “Yo Soy,” I’m going to post it to the world — so we call point and laugh at how stupid you tools are. No promises on it going viral, though.

005Fun fact: You can change “globalist” to “Jew” and that sentence loses none of its original meaning.

006At this point, I’d compare it to arguing with a turkey, but let’s not insult the intelligence of turkeys. They have a hard enough time without unduly libelous comparisons to Breitbart readers.


Algebra comes from the Arabic “al-jabr”, which means “reunion of broke parts.” Muḥammad ibn Mūsā al-Khwārizmī invented the term when he invented the math. Of course, given the average education of a Breitbart reader is “failed third grade twice, dropped out to hump the family goat,” I doubt they even know what algebra is. 

Also, Al-Khwarizmi is why they’re called “algorithms” — they’re literally named after the man.


Here’s another fact you might not have known: Trigonometry was expanded upon by the Islamic polymaths precisely because they needed to know which way to face when praying toward Mecca.


Actually, it was a crowd of radical Christians, spurned on by Coptic Pope Theophilius of Alexandria, who burned it down and killed Hypatia. Muslims did end up burning it down, but by that time, Christians had already done more damage to the western world and western learning than the Muslim reactionaries could ever hope to do.

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Funny how things never seem to change.

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