Bannon Tried To Strong Arm The Freedom Caucus, Walked Away Looking Like A Big League Loser

Looks like Darth Bannon may have finally met his bullying parallel with the House Freedom Caucus, aka: the Teaklutzklan. Sadly, due to gerrymandering and the fact most of their districts are in the bowels of America’s redneckistan, the Freedom Cavemen just about have guaranteed reelection in 2018. So, a decree on high from Lord Cirrhosis himself elicited quite the pubescent reproach. Who’d have thunk it would be that same guarantee that would have emboldened the teaballs to tell Bannon to stick it where the sun don’t shine?

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But once again Twitter had the absolute best commentary on the bloated liver transplant candidate:

I knew I’d seen him before-Raiders of the Lost Ark, it LIVES.

Not sure I’d want to be anywhere near Bannon’s shit, or his list, or anywhere within a 5 mile radius of said shit.

Poor Hugh Jackman, what a way to go.

I bet Bannon packs his own tarps.

Not enough cortisone on the planet.

Henry really sums up the jaundiced scruffy potato and his ilk best.

No doubt Bannon’s taking names, but the self cannibalism of the Rethuglican’s is just beautiful.

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