Bashing The First Lady For Dummies: Check Out The Picture Right-Wingers Are ‘Outraged’ Over (IMAGES)

Oh those silly conservatives.  It must have been a slow Fox ‘News’ day when they came up with this one.

This picture, showing the president with his hand near his heart is meant to cause an uproar of outrage among the imbeciles who frequent those idiotic conservative propaganda pages your crazy uncle Rudy shares.  The First Lady, looking as stern as can be with arms folded, just refuses to acknowledge the country they think she hates.

It took me all of three seconds to notice the painfully obvious fail.  See if you can spot it:

That’s right, it appears that NOBODY else has their hand over their heart.  Does that mean that all of those service men and women hate their country and only the President cares? The truth is, the photographer captured this picture as the president raised his hand and just before everyone else did.

But that doesn’t quite fit the mold. You don’t get to hate the woman for disrespecting her country and the flag if you fast forward 5 seconds to this picture:

The simple truth is that this is just another reason for the right to spew hate over nothing.  It’s another opportunity for the ignorant buffoons who don’t have three seconds to spare to call Michelle Obama a Wookie or “Moochelle.”

How very clever.

This isn’t the first (or second, or third, or fourth) time a picture like this has appeared.  They are either taken completely out of context or blatant photoshops.

The most famous has to be the “left hand over their hearts” photo, that can still be found circulating through conservative groups and pages:


Obamas Left Hand Pledge-HEART_Outline

This obvious bit of photoshop went so far as to move the President’s lapel pin and buttons to the correct side.  A simple search for the original image makes this one especially ridiculous:


Barack Obama, Michelle Obama

My personal favorite is the “getting off of Air Force One holding hands” conspiracy theory.  Conservatives claim that the Obamas are some sort of arranged marriage between a transgender woman (Michelle) and her gay husband (Barack).  To prove it they claimed that the only way they could be seen holding hands like a “normal” couple was via Photoshop:


Oh my.  You would think that with the resources of the Federal government at their disposal that the Obamas could have done a better job of faking this one. Here’s an original picture of their arrival that day.  Amazingly, Michelle only has two hands:


Dislike for politicians is an American tradition.  Satire about them is something political cartoonists have been doing for a couple hundred years.  This, however, is intentional defamation for the purpose of creating more hate, if that’s possible, towards a president who has done more for this country than the last three Republicans combined.

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Luckily, only the painfully stupid will buy this crap, giving the rest of us plenty to laugh at them about.

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  • Susan E Osborn

    In several of those photographs it is clear that is NOT Mrs Obama’s own hands due to the abrupt change in pigmentation and in the one getting off the plane you can see her fingers in the President’s and a much paler hand inserted behind. Photoshop strikes again.