‘Basket Of Deplorables’ Made The Urban Dictionary With A Better-Than-Expected Definition

Donald Trump and the Republican propaganda machine would have you believe that when Hillary Clinton used the term “basket of deplorables,” shew was referring to the whole of the American people. She was not. Like everything else that comes from the right, the statement was taken and compared to the completely unrelated Mitt Romney 47 percent gaffe that likely cost him any chance he had of beating Barack Obama in 2012.

Mitt Romney was referring to a class of American, particularly the working class, better known as the working poor, as well as retirees on fixed incomes and anyone else receiving a public benefit of any kind. Hillary Clinton was referring to a class of asshole, particularly those who are racist, bigoted, white supremacist trash, regardless of their standing in the eyes of wealthy, out of touch robots like Romney.

See the difference?

To make it clear, the term was recently added to the Urban Dictionary. While the first addition was the generalized “What Hillary Clinton said,” another definition that will live forever goes into far more detail:

A group of bigoted Far Right wingers that congregated both on and off line in groups to support policies and ideas with bigoted undertones.
A Basket of Deplorables have the strong tendency to support Donald Trump as well as engage in acts of hostility and bigotry towards others online. Often harassing in groups those who call them out for their bigotry on twitter then playing the victim when people retaliate against them.
A Basket of Deplorables descended on a reporter’s twitter account with hateful rhetoric after the reporter tweeted an article highlighting the issues surrounding Donald Trump.

Yeah, that just about says it all. Does that describe half of Trump supporters, which at this point in national ,polling means approximately 22 percent of Americans? Sadly, yes. If you need proof of that, go ahead and take a virtual stroll into any Trump support group and start talking about undocumented workers, Black Lives Matter or gay marriage. You’ll be inundated with hate the likes of which you will never forget.

Because, quite simply, those people are deplorable.

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