BEHOLD! The Funniest Microwave Memes To Come Out Of Conway’s Stupidity (IMAGES)

By now you have all heard about Kellyanne Conway’s theory that President Obama was spying on Donald Trump through his microwave. Of course, it is turning into the story of the day and everyone and their brother is trying to analyze her mental stability. We are not those people. We already know Kellyanne is batsh*t crazy and give zero f*cks about what is going on inside of her head. Instead, we are going to give you something we know you all crave: memes. YAY!

Here are the funniest microwave memes of the day:

Unfortunately, her health insurance premium is about to skyrocket, so she is fuq’d.

Say cheese!

Scary microwave!

Obama’s spying is super sophisticated!

Oh look! The Trump administration just has to push a button to carry out their Putin games!

And finally, our favorite:

HAHAH! You’re welcome.

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