Bernie Sanders Is Trolling Paul Ryan On Twitter And We Can’t Stop Laughing (TWEETS)

The problem for Paul Ryan is that Bernie Sanders doesn’t care if you attack him. In fact, he’s going to take your whiny insults, wad them up, hand them to you, and make you eat them while he stands there watching.

This is what Bernie has been doing on Twitter regarding Paul’s so-called attack on him. I say “so-called” because while it is intended to be negative, it’s about as strong of an attack as a thrashing with single strand of wet spaghetti. Paul actually tried to scare Americans by saying that if Democrats took the Senate, Bernie Sanders would be chairman of the Budget committee — the people who spend all the money.

Oh no, please. Anything but that. We don’t want Bernie helping spend our money on free college! Bernie saw this and he couldn’t resist, so now he’s engaging in some very well-deserved public mockery of Ryan.

Bernie even took it an extra step and branched off a little to hit back on Ryan directly for the source of his campaign funding, while rubbing Ryan’s face in the unintended gift he gave Bernie as a result.

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Things are definitely not looking good for Republicans in the Senate. The House is likely safe due to excessive gerrymandering, but projections show that the Senate has a 66 percent chance to flip blue after the election, and there’s a very good chance that will only increase over the couple remaining weeks.

You can imagine why Paul Ryan would be upset. If I were talking about a Democrat, I’d give an opinion on how to handle this better. In this case, though, I think I will just enjoy the fact Paul Ryan is melting down and helping Democrats in the process. Thanks, Paul!

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