Bernie Sanders Just Decimated Trump’s Political Future With One YUGE Word (VIDEO)

Democrats have reached a crucial stage in the election season. If you remember 2008, the party, at this same point in time, was leaning heavily towards Barack Obama yet Hillary Clinton and her die-hard supporters were still hanging on. For the good of the party and the country, Clinton stopped proactively campaigning and threw her support behind Obama. Her supporters, while devastated that the first woman president wasn’t going to happen, followed suit — and did so with little resistance.

That’s because Democrats are more interested in progress than in-fighting. Fast forward to 2016 and we have the same situation with a different crowd of supporters. Sure, there’s the Bernie Bros who have pledged to vote for Trump because of the so-called evils of Hillary Clinton, but in reality they represent a very small block of people who many political strategists don’t even believe are registered to vote.

Revolution is cool, you see. It’s why Trump is so popular among the daft.

Bernie Sanders, in an interview with MSNBC, was asked if he will be voting for Hillary in November. Without hesitation — and with a brilliant explanation — he shattered the dreams of the Bernbots, united the party and effectively ended Donald Trump’s political future.

The word “yes” hasn’t meant this much in quite some time. Just like in ’08 when Clinton was supposedly the better candidate to beat McCain, the polls will now begin to shift and The Donald’s numbers will plummet. Trump will go off the rails trying to compensate for his bruised ego and start accusing Secretary Clinton of being from A terrorist from Uganda who personally fired the mortars at the roof of the annex in Benghazi. His dimwitted supporters will shout “hell yeah” as those with half a brain drop their stupid red hats and slowly back away.

As an added bonus, “Bernie or Bust” is a bust without Bernie, who we can rest assured will still have a major impact on progressive policy and a major role in the Clinton Administration.

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