Bette Midler Exposes Kellyanne Conway’s Whorish Ways With A Trumpian Tweet (VIDEO)

Bette Midler has been an outspoken liberal for years, and with the election of Trump, she often tweets her disdain for the King of the Oompa Loompas.

In a walk down memory lane, Midler reminds us of what kind of spineless twit Kellyanne Conway actually is with a Media Matters video compilation of Lord Cheeto’s #2 girl (second only to his own daughter, making Melania is a solid #3) pre-Trump days.

She even channeled her inner-Trump by concluding the tweet with his signature “Sad.”

Here are just a few nuggets that show Conway has zero integrity, making her the perfect fit to be Donald Trump’s minion. The video starts out with this little gem and it only gets better worse from there.

It shows you the danger of just saying things that aren’t true and getting getting people to believe it, and getting 20,000 people at a rally today to just lap it up as it is true.

Of course, now that she’s on Trump’s payroll, she just pivots and gaslights when she is asked about the Butternut Bigot’s lies.

But, before that, she was saying things like this:

Insulting them as lying Ted and John Kasich who eats like a slob, and everything else that was said today that is fairly unpresidential. . . I actually think they got under his skin today.

Trump, unpresidential? Say it ain’t so, Kellyanne.

Prior to joining Team Trump, Conway’s polling company was raking in the dough (just a few million) to help several of the 19 Republicans in the primary clown car defeat the Talking Yam. It seems Kellyanne’s services aren’t about principle or vision at all, but simply about who is the highest bidder.

There is no bottom to how low this woman will sink. Conway really is perfect gal for Trump – both will do nearly anything for cold, hard cash.

Watch the video in its entirety. The hypocrisy and delusion are strong with this one:

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