Bette Midler Is Pummeling Trump And Chums For Being The Most Vile In American History

Bette Midler has always been outspoken, however lately she has been on fire! The Butterscotch Bill Cosby’s presidency has pushed The Divine Miss M over the edge.

She’s fed up, folks.

First, Midler hammered Trump’s “so-called Judge” comment yesterday and shared words of an anonymous writer describing our current reality – and it is vile.

The emperor has no clothes. Also, no empathy, no decency, no competence, no knowledge of history, no understanding of our Constitution, no self-restraint, no modesty, no sense of shame, no mandate, no governing philosophy, no rational policy program, no positive or optimistic vision of our country’s future, and absolutely no chance of succeeding in his aspiration to be loved and admired by a submissive nation of lesser human beings.

If those words don’t illustrate how horrible this administration is, I don’t know what does. This is a historic tragedy.

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Then, just hours ago, with fury behind her words, she spoke of the unconstitutional waters for which we are about to embark upon with the education system for our most valuable resource.

The confirmation of DeVos is going to harm us in the long run. There is no other way to say it. She has zero experience in education. She’s simply a billionaire who hopes to “advance God’s kingdom” through school reform, who happened to be a huge donor to many of the Republicans who made her confirmation possible. Hmmmm.

Her final message posted about an hour ago was full of her sarcastic wit and went after both Spicer and Trump.

As the right-wing howls about celebrities using their fame to speak out against the most dangerous leader the United States has likely ever seen, we need to rally around them. We should be celebrating that someone like Bette Midler is willing to put it all out there and call out the depravity taking place that is going to hurt not just current generations, but future ones as well.

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Donald Trump is a dangerous man. He is thin-skinned. He is shallow. He is a bully. He does little to nothing to educate himself on true facts surrounding an issue and forms opinions based upon pure speculation, and often personal gain. I’m not sure the man has a single ounce of selflessness in his orange body. Yet, he now is in a position to impact all of us.

The only downside to having so many people calling out the small fingered crusader on such a global level is once he realizes how truly hated he is, his small-minded, revenge seeking mentality enables his transition to a villain straight out of the comic books.

Except this is real life. Yep, that’s f*cking terrifying.

Regardless, I’ll be looking forward to watching more from Bette Midler and other powerful liberals who will keep motivating us all to keep speaking out.

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