Trump Says He ‘Wanted To Hit A Couple Of Those Speakers So Hard’ With His Itty, Bitty Hands

Aww, poor Trumpy-poo. The big bad meanies over at the DNC really hurt his feelings – you know, with all that hope and “nothing to fear but fear itself” stuff. Apparently, the speakers must have really struck a nerve with Donald because his feathers were ruffled. REALLY RUFFLED.

He spoke to a group of old, racist, white people in Iowa about his plan to make America great again completely level the United States. And, he whined, “The things that were said about me!?!?”

Yeah, he was absolutely shocked and appalled that someone had the audacity to call him out as the swindling con-man that he is. So, in typical bully fashion, he stood in front of a room full of scared people and ranted at them.

You know what I wanted to. I wanted to hit a couple of those speakers so hard,” Trump said. “I would have hit them. No, no. I was going to hit them, I was all set and then I got a call from a highly respected governor.

The words of fellow billionaire Michael Bloomberg seemed to sting the most. Trump said:

I was going to hit one guy in particular, a very little guy. I was going to hit this guy so hard his head would spin and he wouldn’t know what the hell happened.

He’s cracking up, folks. The schoolyard bully is getting a dose of reality and there is no way in hell he can act presidential. Not a chance.

So, Trump did what any frightened blowhard would do. He went all cowardly lion on us, “Put ’em up! Put ’em up!”

This is really the best the GOP can put up in the running for President of the United States? Here we thought Ted Cruz and his Tea Party ilk were a joke. Little did we know Trump would come around and make them look like serious politicians.

Watch Trump throw a tantrum in response to the DNC, here:

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  • Tizio

    Still waiting for him to “spill the beans” on Hillary. Come on, Donny! Take your best shot! What are you waiting for, you limp-dicked, hamster-handed creampuff?

    And these are the geniuses who called Obama an “empty suit”, HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!