Trump Tweets Out Self-Congratulatory Mess And Gets His Big Orange A$$ Handed To Him

On Sunday, Trump took a break from hate-tweeting civil rights icons and screaming that the news is being mean to him by reporting that he might have paid some Russian hookers to piss on a bed to congratulate himself for saving jobs that he hasn’t saved.

After Trump claimed he saved 1,000 jobs at Carrier, after the company said it was moving them to Mexico, Trump triumphantly announced a sweetheart deal in which the company would keep the positions in the United States in exchange for millions of dollars (it is worth noting that it was recently revealed that Trump invested as much as $250,000 in Carrier’s parent company), a union representing employees shot back, pointing out that only 730 jobs are actually staying (they were part of another previously negotiated deal) and 550 people were getting fired, anyway. Many of the other jobs Trump “saved” were never scheduled to leave. Trump also took credit for “saving” a Ford plant that was never closing in the first place and saving numerous other jobs across the country that he did nothing to actually save.

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Nevertheless, the President-elect tweeted that Democrats are furious that “so many Obama Democrats” voted for him, adding that more alleged Obama supporters will back him in the future because of all the jobs he says he is saving. He even included a nice, capitalized “WIN” in case you were confused and somehow missed that literally doing nothing is considered winning these days.

Democrats and other non-stupid people showed up in response to Trump’s morning keyboard diarrhea to remind their future overlord that he’s full of shit (and, if recent reports are to be believed, covered in the urine of Russian prostitutes).

Trump, like his voters, is completely delusional.

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