Bigots Lose Their Hateful Little Minds Over Canada’s Promise To Help Refugees (TWEETS)

Earlier today, Trump’s executive order that banned Muslim immigration and refugees went into effect, causing chaos and fear.

That the affected countries were ones Trump didn’t have business deals with is something we’re expected to ignore. That those same countries exempted from the ban are also the ones where the 9/11 hijackers came from is a happy coincidence, I’m sure.

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In true conservative fashion, the #MAGA crowd was letting their fascist freak flag fly. But while America was gripped by xenophobia and ignorance, our enlightened neighbor to the north, Canada, decided to step in and show us how it’s done:

Bravo, Mr. Trudeau. An excellent display of humanitarian values.

Now, it may surprise some to know, but Canada does have a right-wing, and they can be just as crazy as the United States. Consider this fellow, who calls themselves “Canadian Deplorable”:

They weren’t alone. A number of hard right-wingers, both American and Canadian, jumped in to attack Trudeau for extending his country to refugees, using the same tired BS arguments you’ve likely heard a thousand times before:

It’s depressing to see these lies spread, but hopefully, with liberals pushing back like they are on social media, we can drown out “alternative facts” with the actual truth.

Feature image via Washington State University

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