Bill Maher Used Milo As Bait For Republicans And Then Savaged Them With The Truth

I know, I know. None of us liked the fact that Maher decided to have Milo Yiannopoulos on his show, which could be seen as possible validation of the right-wing idiot’s point of view. At one point it was even said in the segment that it’s “free speech” and here’s the thing – it is!

That doesn’t mean we have to like it or agree with it but it IS protected speech, as vile as it may be.

I actually think Maher’s choice of having Yiannopoulos was brilliant. Hell, he has Ann Coulter on fairly regularly and we all hate her.

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Here’s the thing, with Milo’s participation on the show, how many right-wingers do you think tuned in last night? My bet is more than what normally do. And, as the show progressed, while some may have flipped the channel, others were probably watching and fuming.

Maher used that as an opportunity to then tell Republicans what he really thinks of them – and it was magnificent.

I’ve got to say to all you flag-waving right-wingers who always say ‘I’m just not going to stand here and let you run down America.’ You’re standing there and letting Trump run down America.

He then gave plenty of examples of what complete twits these people are and the right-wingers are cranky – because see, they watched it!

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And almost like clockwork, his point was proven.

These people are idiots and Maher proved the point in probably one of his best “New Rules” segments ever to grace our televisions.

Watch Bill Maher blast right-wing hypocrisy here:

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