Bill Nye Shames CNN’s Climate-Denying Meteorologist During Live Interview (VIDEO)

During a report on the flooding in Baton Rouge Louisiana, CNN had a special guest join them for a short interview. Their guest was none other than Science Guy himself, Bill Nye.

Host Chris Cuomo was asking him about what had been responsible for the flooding, and Bill went right for the source which is climate change. Cuomo tried to side step his response by suggesting that it it was a question of how cities in Louisiana were built, by citing the example of how New Orleans is below the local water level.

Nye didn’t fall for it. The suggestion by Cuomo was absurd, because the discussion at hand was Baton Rouge which is approximately 80 feet above sea level. Let’s face it, the second that Nye said the words “climate change” Cuomo tried to switch the subject because it’s “politically inconvenient” for CNN to discuss facts since we all know facts have a “liberal bias.”

Nye stayed the course, going over a few reasons that climate change is responsible while also listing ways we could reverse the damaging trends we are seeing in coastal areas. In a fitting and final jab, Nye reminded Cuomo that CNN themselves employ a climate-denying meteorologist at their network. Cuomo must have got the signal from the higher ups, because he immediately dodged the statement and ended the interview at that point.

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It was bad enough that Fox News was a climate change-denying playpen of adult children. Now it seems CNN can’t talk about it either. So much for factual journalism.

Watch Bill Nye drop some uncomfortable truth on CNN below:

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