Black Cop Kills White Woman, And Suddenly Conservatives Give A Sh*t About Police Violence

Last weekend, a Minnesota cop shot a woman dead after she called 911 for help. But in a twist on recent high profile police shootings, this time the victim was white, and the cop was black. And now, for some reason, conservatives are concerned about police violence.

According to reports, Justine Damond, an Australian living in the US with her American fiancé, called police because she believed she saw a sexual assault taking place in her neighborhood. When police arrived, Damond, dressed in her pajamas, went out to meet them. As she approached the patrol car officer Mohamed Noor, sitting in the passenger seat, fired his gun across his partner through the driver’s side window, striking and killing Damond.

Another civilian gunned down by a trigger-happy cop, who probably had no business ever being given a badge or a gun. Just another day in America.

And then this happened.

On July 18 the totally-not-racist idiots at Young Conservatives published a story with this headline:

Minnesota Cop Who Shot Justine Dammond Was Already Under Investigation For ‘Violently’ Forcing Woman Into Hospital

The story under that banner quotes heavily from a Daily Mail piece about Noor’s past problems as a police officer, including a lawsuit that stemmed from the incident described in the headline:

The lawsuit stems from a police call on May 25, 2017, when Noor and two other officers took a woman to hospital and she claimed that they carried out false imprisonment, assault and battery.

According to the ongoing lawsuit, the woman claimed that Noor ‘grabbed her right wrist and upper arm’ when moving her, leaving her ‘immobilised’.

Judging by the most recent incident alone, it can be safely said that Mohamed Noor sucks as a police officer. But that’s not the issue. The question is, why the fuck are conservatives suddenly concerned about bad cops??

Flashback to 2014. The same Young Conservatives site was intent on trashing Michael Brown, gunned down by another shitty cop, Darren Wilson. It turns out that officer Wilson had a past worthy of investigating, too. But the appropriately nicknamed “Young Cons” and their brethren in conservative media weren’t interested in that — they were too busy trying to make Wilson into a hero and Brown into a villain.

And conservative media had a similar reaction to other police shootings of black men. Take Philando Castile, murdered by a cop even though he informed the officer he was licensed to carry a weapon and that he had one in his possession. Right Side News typified the right’s coverage of Castile, with a story alleging he was an armed robbery suspect, therefore permitting them to justify the shooting.

So now a black cop kills a white woman, and finally the right is concerned about trigger happy cops. And to make the story even more palatable to the “Blue Lives Matter” crowd, the cop’s name is — gasp! — Mohamed. That fucker has to be guilty, right?

My point is this: righties like to puff up with righteous indignation every time someone suggests that they are racists. But folks, if you’re not racists, then how come every fucking time something like this happens, you literally prove you are racists? Black guy gets killed by cops? He was obviously guilty of something. Black cop kills white woman? Had to be the cop’s fault. White cop kills white civilian, or vice versa? Crickets. It’s so transparent. And oh so pathetic.

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