Black Man Tells Trump Where To Go–Deplorables Go On A Hate-Filled Racist Rampage (Images)

This is the kind of thing that Fox News, The Blaze, Breitbart and all the rest of the propaganda outlets refuse to talk about when they mention the “basket of deplorables” comment that is supposed to mean Hillary Clinton is somehow out of touch with the American People. Sorry to disappoint those who have decided to embrace their inner hatred for all things not white, heterosexual or conservative Christian, but there’s more evidence of Trump supporters being deplorable racists than there is of them being tolerant people just looking for change. A lot more.

Case in point: One of my favorite places to play these days is a Facebook page called “The Resistance.” It’s about 100K fans strong and is one of the more vile places on the internet. They are staunch Trump supporters, which gives us a pretty good insight into just how racist and deplorable that crowd truly is. The people who own the page are pretty obvious about their white-supremacist ways, but they’re fairly good at posting things in such a way that Facebook won’t shut them down. Believe me, we’ve tried.

Their latest is a video that’s been making its way around Twitter of a young black man giving Donald Trump a piece of their mind. To show how the racists are goaded into being themselves, I’ll post the Trumpsters’ version, complete with the new conservative n-word: “thug”:

Obviously what this young man is saying is that Trump, having been wealthy for his whole life, has never shown any interest in helping the black community — or anyone else for that matter. He made the “mistake” of using the phrase “given us any money,” which to conservatives doesn’t translate to “donate to African-American causes” but rather that this young man is implying that Trump should have gone door-to-door passing out cash.

That’s because they’re racists. They’re trash. They’re the worst America has to offer. They’re deplorable. Just the fact that this man is black is already enough for them to hate him, but mention that the black inner city neighborhoods need help and boom: An explosion of racism that will make your eyes bleed:



These types of comments make up the bulk of the nearly 600 the post has attracted in just a few hours. Every stereotype in the book plays out in the first dozen or so comments and gets repeated time and time again by people who think Clinton was wrong for calling them deplorable. Then there are the losers who are even more openly racist than that:

demarcus4 demarcus6 demarcus7 demarcus8 demarcus5 demarcus91 demarcus92 demarcus94 demarcus95

What is it about this guy that makes him a thug? He doesn’t seem to be robbing anybody. The video doesn’t seem to include him beating anyone up or even bullying anyone. All he seems to be doing is having a little social media rant about how Donald Trump has never cared about the black community and now suddenly he does. Is there some…other characteristic that automatically qualifies him as “thug?”

demarcus93 demarcus9 demarcus96 demarcus97 demarcus98

Oh, yes. Now I see it. Animal, chimp, monkey, “n*****.” That’s a clever way to get by the Facebook censors without losing your racist self in the process. Apparently, not only is he a “thug,” but some have picked up from his dialect that he may not be heterosexual. Not that it’s ever mentioned or that it matters, but they just can’t help hating for the sake of hating:

demarcus3a demarcus3b demarcus3c demarcus3d

That last guy was both racist and a homophobe. Isn’t he special?

And there you have it. Trump supporters are deplorable racists just like Trump.


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