Boycott Over Butthurt? Palin Avoids RNC After Trump’s VP Snub

Incomplete Governor, Sarah Palin, has turned down Trump’s invitation to attend the Republican National Convention. After abandoning her own husband while he was in the intensive care unit to campaign for Donald earlier this year, she’s excusing herself from attending Donald’s coronation because Alaska is “far away” from Ohio.

That’s actually the excuse. Trump said Palin was asked to attend and speak at the convention but turned him down. Trump was quoted as saying it was a “little bit difficult, because of, you know it’s a long ways away,” referring to her home in the north.

It certainly is strange considering Sarah was parading around the lower 48 states earlier this year making stops in Florida and Oklahoma in an effort to win over Tea Party supporters for Donald.

What else is strange is that this is the Republican National Convention. Not only was she invited, but she was invited to speak. Even for goofy right-wing sideshows like Sarah Palin, this is a huge event. To see her turn it down is, at best, surprising.

There’s every reason to believe that this has to do with the fact that Donald did not consider Sarah for his vice presidential pick. There was a lot of buzz about her being his choice earlier this year, when she jumped on board the Trump tour bus. Now that Trump sent her back to the kids’ table suddenly she can’t be bothered any longer.

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While nothing is “official” yet, all the buzz indicates that Indiana governor and professional legislative bigot, Mike Pence, will be Trump’s VP pick. The news must have been a stinging blow to the fake-governor from Alaska, after all her previous efforts to prop up Donald’s credibility with her followers.

In the end, you can’t exactly blame Donald. While his campaign is the joke of all time, it hasn’t managed to embarrass him yet. If he would have added Sarah, you could bet he’d be remembered for repeating the worst Republican mistake of 2008.

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