BREAKING: Trump Knowingly Did Business With Iranian Sponsors Of Terrorism

Donald Trump, staunch opponent of deals with Iran, proponent of good triumphing over the evils of terrorism, was directly involved with one of their state-run banks. Bank Melli, one of Iran’s largest state-controlled institutions, has been accused by US officials of funneling more than $100 million to terrorists and obtaining materials to further the Iranian nuclear program.

The bank was a tenant in the GM building in New York when Trump bought it in 1998, but rather than doing his due diligence as an American Patriot and evicting them when he took over, Trump extended their lease for another five years, because money is what matters most. The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists reports that the Iranian sponsor of terror paid in the area of $500,000 in rent to Trump before moving out in 2003, which was consequently the year Trump sold the building. Perhaps the new owners actually had some morals and refused to renew.

You could say it was a horrible deal. You could say it was the worst deal anyone has ever done with Iran because Iran can’t be trusted. You can’t so business with someone who can’t be trusted. You take the power position when negotiating ann make your demands. Or…you cave in for the check they write and give them a lease. There were embargos in place against Iran at the time with few exceptions, one being accepting certain kinds of rent, but the transaction goes to Trump’s character and ability to toss his values — or what he tries to convince people are his values since he actually has none — out the window for the almighty dollar.

In 1988, Trump said he would be “harsh on Iran” in an interview with the Guardian, because, “They’ve been beating us psychologically, making us look a bunch of fools. It’d be good for the world to take them on.”

It would be good to take them on unless they were generating income. The office space Trump rented to them may have been a holding space to do business from in case the embargos were lifted, or it could have been an operations center for something far more nefarious. Either way, Donald Trump continues to prove through his present actions and past judgment that he is in no way fit to be President of the United States.

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