Breitbart Goes Full Racist With This Pic About Trump, Obama And The Birther BS (IMAGE)

Breitbart ran a story on Friday about how Donald Trump used bait and switch tactics to lure the media to cover a campaign event. According to the right-wing propaganda rag, Trump is brilliant for telling people he would address the “birther” issue in a news conference in which he paraded a bunch of military officers in front of the cameras to talk about how great he is.

Why Trump felt the need to lure the media into covering him when they have 400 cameras on him 24/7 puts a bit of a dent in their theory, but remember: this is Breitbart. They aren’t exactly pandering to America’s brightest.

That’s not really what’s sad about this particular angle on the “Trump is the moron who started the birther movement” story. What’s truly sad is that Breitbart, hailed by many as genius for their ability to market to imbeciles, came up with a perfectly racist cover image for the article:


Yes, racist douchebags, we get it. The President is black and the birther movement claims he’s from Africa, so a picture of Harambe the gorilla is the best way to convey that. Nothing deplorable to see here.

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While CNN’s Jake Tapper equated Trump’s “troll” to a “political Rickroll,” those of us who grabbed the image of a gorilla to tell a story about Obama could only shake our heads in disappointment at the senseless racism these assholes feel the need to resort to in order to sell their garbage to idiots.

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