Bristol Palin Criticizes Hillary With Sexist Phrase Women Hate Hearing From Men (TWEETS)

“You should smile more.” It’s a phrase that most women hate to hear. There’s some difficulty relating to it personally, since I am a guy, but I’ve seen it discussed enough times in enough places to know that women don’t appreciate it.

Bristol Palin doesn’t seem to have access to any of these sources of information, in spite of the fact she does have the internet up in the Alaskan wilderness. Her latest hit piece about Hillary Clinton capitalizes on the concept that she is “too robotic,” and had to be told to smile more by her staff so people would find her to be more acceptable as a presidential candidate.

Bristol Palin seriously needs to stop acting like smiling is a qualification for being the President of the United States. It isn’t, and the only proof needed for that is her own mother.

Sarah Palin smiles so much when she appears in public that she probably needs muscle relaxers to un-clench when the day is over. Smiling is taken to weird levels of excess with her, and she is less qualified to hold public office than the half of a ham sandwich that slid under my car seat and stayed there all summer. Don’t worry, it was in a plastic bag. In 2012, Republicans rolled out the RomneyBot 2012 model. He smiled all the time, but was so robotic and dull that Rick Santorum compared him to the boss everyone hates at their job.

Bristol shows how truly checked out she is when it comes to political commentary, but she shows a larger problem that will be looming over Hillary after election day. Just like the fact Obama was elected didn’t on its own resolve race problems in America, Hillary’s win won’t on its own resolve sexism or other gender-related issues in America. We’ll be hearing more from conservatives about smiles, hair and handbags over the next few years.

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As a voter, I don’t give a shit if Hillary ever smiles. Her performance as a leader, and her success in pushing as strong of a progressive agenda as she can while still trying to get as much as possible accomplished is what matters to me.

As a guy, if someone informed me that I had to smile more, I’d tell them to mind their own business. I’d pay real money for Hillary to respond back to Bristol in the same way. I know she won’t, but you can imagine how awesome it’d be. Right?

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