Bristol Palin’s Response To The FBI’s Clinton Investigation Is The Dumbest Thing You’ll See All Day

It takes a lot to outdo the stupidity of Sarah Palin. As a matter of fact, it takes another Palin altogether. Teen mom turned abstinence counselor turned twice unwed mom turned denier that she was an abstinence counselor turned wife to the guy she lost a custody battle to, Bristol Palin, has decided to weigh in on the issue of emails, Benghazi, FBI investigations and good old fashioned temper tantrums.

The response is actually something her new husband, Dakota Meyer, posted on Instagram. Bristol couldn’t be bothered to offer her own thoughts, which by conservative law now belong to the man of the house anyway. From Bristol’s Patheos blog:

I wanted to share with you what my husband dakotameyer0317 wrote on Instagram about Hillary Clinton:

The protected class… such is what it appears to be the case for the top tier politician.
The long and intensive investigation into the mishandling of what the CIA called top secret email correspondence by Hillary Clinton has been going on by the FBI / Justice Department. Even with over 30,000 email leaked to the public and substantial evidence out for the world to see the FBI has issued the statement today that Hillary Clinton has been cleared of any suspicion of unlawful conduct.

This announcement comes on the heels of the release of the report from the now 8th committee formed to investigate the series of events leading up to the attack on U.S. compounds in Benghazi on September 11, 2012 that needlessly claimed the lives of 4 Americans Hillary Clinton and the entire Obama Administration were formally cleared again of any wrong doing. That being said the commission held a 1 hour press conference stating fact after fact after fact proving gross negligence on the part of the Administration putting their own political agenda, including hiding specifics of Hillary’s private war to oust Gaddafi from power in Libya and setting things is to play for the upcoming presidential election 56 days later, before the lives of Americans.

How has this administration gained so much power and influence that even the most obvious of crimes can be so easily excused and overlooked by their supporters? Have we come so far as a nation that politics and corruption are now truly one and the same? Is it still “We the people…”?

Once again proving that no matter how many times these idiots are told by how many committees and how many witch hunts that they need to shut up and argue actual issues instead of trying to scandal their way into an otherwise-impossible Trump victory, they still come back with the same tired crap we’ve been laughing at for years. “Cleared of wrongdoing” doesn’t translate to “guilty because my husband said so, Bristol. Get a grip.

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  • fred

    Remember when W lost thousands of emails? Where was your angst then? Remember when the Marines compound in Lebanon was bombed? Where was your angst then?

  • Allara2


  • StevenX

    Bristol Palin will be the dumbest thing you see on any day you see or hear her.

  • These two dimwits need to STFU and work on staying married. What does either one of them know about class or high standards? Bristol needs to practice some respectability and honor when she speaks about people of such a higher class such as Hillary. All the dumb ass remarks Bristol quotes she learned from her no-nothing mother. What a family!