BUSTED: New Report SHREDS Trump’s Boast About Offering Childcare Services

It can be said that Trump now creates bullsh*t at the rate of actual bulls, and his latest falsehood is especially glaring.

Despite using his daughter Ivanka to tout his supposed on-site childcare service for his employees at the Republican National Convention, the Associated Press found zero evidence to support that claim.

Why is Trump Childcare suddenly an issue and why should you care?

Trump first made these comments at an event in Iowa in 2015, which have come to light in the wake him releasing his tax proposals. Among the standard huge tax cuts for job cremators–and a-holes with yachts parked inside bigger yachts–exists a tax deduction plan for childcare expenses. But much like everything this piece of human excrement says, there’s no hard evidence showing those childcare services for his employees.

According to the AP, Trump said:

It’s not an expensive thing, and I do it all over. And I get great people because of it. Because it’s a problem with a lot of other companies.  They call ’em Trump Kids. Another one calls it Trumpeteers, if you can believe it. I have ’em. I actually have ’em, because I have a lot of different businesses.

Trump Kids is for kids like The Democratic Republic of North Korea is “democratic.”

The AP did some digging and didn’t find a single reference to childcare in the Trump employee handbook. “Health care, paid time off, tuition reimbursement and other benefits are mentioned in the online Trump Hotels’ employee benefits section,” according to the report.

The Trump Organization is very proud of the family-friendly environment it fosters throughout its portfolio, Jill Martin, vice president and assistant general counsel at the Trump Organization, said in a statement shared with the AP.

The question now becomes not what group of people Trump will offend next, but rather what patently false story he will make up. Finding new lows and trashing the people who expose them is pretty much all he has going for him.

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