By 6:45 Monday Morning Trump Had Already Attacked Meryl Streep Like A Sulking Child On Twitter

I set my alarm to the first Trump tweet of the day so I’m up bright and early. I also have the added bonus of a good chuckle while I drink my first cup. By the time the bagel gets cream cheese, there’s typically another tweet or two. When it’s time to start writing, there are sometimes as many as three or four to choose from.

The future President of the United States of America has chosen Twitter to deliver his message to the people. Mostly because he’s too dimwitted to provide more than 140 characters at a time but also because he thinks being different means being qualified. In this case, of course, being different means making a fool of yourself.

This morning’s tweets, after a little gushing over Rupert Murdoch and assuring us that he is Trump’s version of Joseph Goebbels, were aimed at the incredibly passionate roller coaster of emotion that was Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes acceptance speech. As predictable as ever, and right on cue, Trump started his week by looking like a petulant child with no filter who needs to whine and cry every time someone says mean things about him — like the truth:

President-Elect turned film critic, Donald Trump, decides that celebrated actress whose eloquent speech will be circulated to the 65.8 million people who voted against him and beyond, Meryl Streep, isn’t qualified to speak out or have an opinion because, well…because he said so. The fact that Trump is still trying to defend how he mocked that reporter is far too sad for words. The fact that he’s also knocking on the door of one of the finest actresses in the world to bully her and call her names is even worse.

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She knows you, Lord Cheeto. We all know you. She never even had to use your name yet everyone knew you. Hopefully you’ve been advised that there are more people who despise you than support you and that we will never let you or your base of fools forget the hate you campaigned on. We will never let you forget the things you said about women or minorities or the poor. We will hold you accountable for everything idiotic thing that comes from your anus-shaped mouth.

The other option is for you to grow up and start acting presidential, but we all know that’s not going to happen.

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